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For the love of frozen yogurt.

As frozen yogurt connoisseurs, there is nothing we like better than finding the latest and greatest frozen yogurt chain. This has been a big year for Chicago’s fro-yo scene. With the loss of Berry Chill brought new arrivals into the windy city including Pinkberry, Starfruit and Forever Yogurt.

Pinkberry: This infamous chain has finally made its way to River North. The July launch had people wrapped around the State Street corner for blocks, patiently awaiting this swirling treat. For a sweet and salty treat, we highly recommend the salted caramel! @pinkberry

Starfruit: This froyo chain has numerous locations throughout the city including Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, The Loop, Merhcnadise Mart, and Wrigley Field. In adition, they also have recently launched kefir food truck! Follow them on twitter to find your way to their latest stop. @StarFruitCafe

Forever Yogurt not only has numerous locations throughout the city, but also has locations in the burbs and across the US including Missouri, Florida, and Wisconsin. Whether you want a tiny treat or a more sufficient “Girls of Lincoln Park” sized serving, Forever Yogurt will be sure to please the tastebuds.  @foreveryogurt 

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